1969 Chevy Chevelle

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138196_Front_3-4_Web-300x199In 1964, Chevrolet brought in Chevelle as a mid-size vehicle. The product continued to reign for 13 years prior to stoppage in 1977. The stoppage of 1969 Chevy Chevelle was basically in favor of the 1978 Chevrolet Malibu. The Malibu was a downsize redesign of the Chevelle. It is clear that the 1969 Chevy Chevelle appeared in the second generation series of this mode. For the reason of classic operation, the product was considered to be the most popular American’s mid-size car option. Nevertheless, the product can be compared in operation with options such as 1964 Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, 1969 Pontiac GTO just to mention a few. From research and visibility study, the 1969 Chevy Chevelle came in a variety of trims and models. This can be found in the likes of Malibu, Nomad, 300 Delux and few more.

Nomad came in as a five passengers seater with four-door station wagon option. Delux paraded a two-door coupe or four-door sedan. Malibu maintained Chevelle top line model carrying several sub-models. Malibu featured samples such as a sport coupe and convertible, four-door sedan, a sport sedan and better more option.The 1969 Chevy Chevelle also offered SS396 and concours model packages that sound outrageous for users need. History also hold that there were several engines ready for the 1969 Chevelle option.

The base powertrain of this product engine transmission, driveshaft, a Turbo Thrift 16 producing 140 hp at 4,400 rpm. The efficiency of the Chevelle product has made it unique in the world of automobile. Carrying several features, the product has proven itself great, effective, unique, dependable and top-notch to satisfy clients curiosity. If your quest is after quality interior design, Chevelle has it ready for clients use. You will be happy using this product especially for efficiency sake. Nevertheless, the total performance of the product sounds greatly outstanding from its rivals. Give the brand a care now to discover its value.

1969 Pontiac GTO

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338694_13492721_1969_Pontiac_GTO+The+Judge-300x225The 1969 Pontiac GTO is the ultimate car for beginners looking into details about classic cars. This information is going to teach users the basics of collecting these cars.

Readers will learn what it is, why it is used, different reviews, and ways the reader can benefit from having this car. The 1969 Pontiac GTO is a unique type of car. This car dates back decades, and it is the ultimate style for classic cars.

Why it is used?

This car was mainly used for weekend purposes, and a car that used to be a good source of transportation. Let us assume that these cars were driven to the store. Since these cars were pretty fuel efficient, who wouldn’t want to at least view them.


There are many different reviews to this car. Some people like the style, gas mileage, etc. While there are a few complaints of the car breaking down to easily, would buying this car make any sense?


If one has collected this car over a long period of time, expect the user to make some serious money selling. Collectors are always trying to amp up their collection, and having this car makes sense. The uses of this car dates back to the 1960′s Driving these cars to the local hot dog stand would probably be the way to go.

Considering that this car transported millions of people, having it would be a buyer’s dream. Now the uses of this car today would only make sense if the car still ran. And finding car parts for this car would be fairly inexpensive. But how far would you want to drive this car? After all, most of these cars still run at a reliable speed. Keeping up with the condition would not be difficult. Driving this car around can only cause attention. If you own a business, these cars are perfect ways to advertise.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda

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1970-hemi-cuda-lemon-twist-yellow-gordon-dean-300x149During the early years of 1966-71, Dodge made their Hemi into small body platform. This follow the wide range of acceptance that Plymouth Hemi Cuda received in the automobile industry with the likes of 1964 Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Chevelle, Chevrolet Camaro, 1969 Pontiac GTO. In the first appearance of the Plymouth Hemi Cuda, only 625 copies came into existence.

14 of the product remain rare convertibles. For this reason, the unique Hemi Cuda became a rare sight in the automobile industry. The named product became scarce based on the extra 900 dollars that got added from the original cost. When the price was reduced with 250 dollars, the 440 V8 390 bhp landed Hemi Cuda in an exceptional position.

After testing the 426 Hemi Cuda by motor trend in 1970, it reached 0-60 in 5.8 seconds. It also reached 1/4 mile in 14 seconds operating at 102 mph. In the 70s, there came a long list of the Barracudas carrying differential ratio, range of existing colors in the likes of hood pins, plum crazy, hockey stick sport stripes, pistol grip shifters just to mention a few. Above all the options mentioned, the R-code steet Hemi became the most popular with mopar engine. The R-code delivered 425 bhp with a flight torque of 727 at 3:55:1. It also paraded a sure grip axle that made it an exceptional product in the market. Though, it has existed before as among the 284 with 4-speed manual.

Having all the details, you can as well be sure of the existence of 1969 Pontiac GTO operation. Giving clear explanation of these products will help users understand perfect selection mode. You will be happy with the service that these types of products can offer.

Though, checking on the Plymouth Hemi Cuda product engine is worth a while. You will be satisfied on how it works. Final consumers can take their proper time in scrutinizing its efficiency and performance. The product stands a unique figure in the automobile industry.

Lincoln Continental

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423200744551PM68671-300x199Lincoln Continental wаѕ a model nаmе fоr a ѕеriеѕ оf automobiles рrоduсеd by thе Lincoln division оf Fоrd Motor Cоmраnу frоm 1939 tо 1948 and аgаin frоm 1956 tо 2002. Dеѕрitе often ѕhаring underpinnings with lеѕѕ-еxреnѕivе Fоrdѕ in mоrе rесеnt years, thе Lincoln Continental hаd uѕuаllу been a diѕtinсtivеlу рlаtfоrmеd and ѕtуlеd, highlу equipped luxurу саr in thе соurѕе of itѕ lоng hiѕtоrу.
Thе flagship Linсоln model during mоѕt of itѕ run, thе Cоntinеntаl nаmе соnvеуеd ѕресiаl сасhеt in the рrоduсt linе. During the 1980ѕ, the Cоntinеntаl was dоwnѕizеd from a full-ѕizе tо a mid-ѕizе Ford Taurus platform; this introduced the Cоntinеntаl tо a widеr rаngе of competition frоm Europe and Jараn. Aftеr the Continental was diѕсоntinuеd in 2002, it wаѕ largely rерlасеd by the Linсоln LS and еvеntuаllу thе Linсоln MKS.

Lincoln Continental is lоngеr, lоwеr, widеr аnd hеаviеr (mоrе thаn 5000lb) thаn Mk III, ѕtill with same ѕhаrр ѕtуling. As bеfоrе, bаѕеd on Thunderbird, аnd big 7.5-litre engine rеtаinеd, ‘dе-tunеd’ bу еmiѕѕiоn control tо 200bhp (net) by mid-ѕеvеntiеѕ. Thiѕ timе, еntirе bаѕiс bоdу shell аlѕо ѕhаrеd with T-Bird, tоо. In ѕрitе of еnеrgу crisis, ѕоld еvеn better than Mаrk III, averaging 50,000/60,000 a year. Incidentally, 3inѕ lоngеr whееlbаѕе, but lеѕѕ passenger ѕрасе thаn before.

Ford F100

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0811clt_08_z+1953_ford_f100+classic_truck-300x225Normally, Ford F100 is among the series truck that the company fabricated. The F100 came into existence by the motor manufacturing company to satisfy consumers curiosity. History hold that the first series of Ford F-100 was fabricated in 1948. It is a full-size truck with several features. With a rear-wheel drive and front engine, the product offer quality operation that glow with longevity. From research and visibility study, some of the F100 are 4 wheel drive while others remain simple. During the 1970s phase, Ford F100 became out of operation and replaced with F150.

Among the continuing series are F250 and F350. The product came in several facets that offer top-notch solution as required. When appearing as V6, it maintains a size of 3.7L, 302 hp and a torque of 278 at 4,000 rpm. In another phase, F100 appeared as V8, a size of 5.0L, 360 hp, a torque of 380 at 4,250 rpm. Nevertheless, it also appeared in V8, 6.2L, 411 hp and a torque of 434 at 4,500 rpm. This really show that the America spec has several offers for final consumers. It is clients choice to pick anyone that satisfies your specification and use. Another powerful series is the V6 ecoboost. The V6 ecoboost has a size of 3.5L, 365 hp and torque of 420 at 2,500 rpm. It brought into existence the greater strategy of the F-100 production.

Is your quest after handling the Ford F100 series? Do you want to enjoy the clarity of this product? Buying from the named company will give users greater vibes as required. When talking about the performance of this product, clients will be sure to find total solace. Coming with a great effort to rule the automobile industry, modification has made the F100 series remain strong and vibrant. Instead of being out rank by it most popular muscle cars at that time, the F100 is still great on the road. You will always get better quality when making a bid on it. It is simple to use and has interior of top-notch materials.

1964 Ford GT40

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p1847hso22kqa142v9vblnn17isd-300x171Although most people rush for the new flashy cars, the classical cars still stand out as unique and respected machines. The 1964 GT40 is one of the best classical cars that you wouldn’t mind purchasing. It has an extraordinary and unique body design that is attractive, and it’s commonly known for its legacy in the long distance race. The intriguing history behind the car will make you feel proud to be associated with it. What is so unique about the 1964 Ford GT40? Why should you consider having this car in the modern times? These are some of the most common questions asked by many drivers. Here is a vivid description about the 1964 Ford GT40:


The car was designed in England, UK by Lunn and had a unique wedge shape front and a powerful square shaped headlight equipped with aerodynamics. it’s perfectly streamlined with a pressed steel chassis and it’s rigid as a result of the twin pontoon on the side of the vehicle where the fuel cells are. It’s also powered by 4.2 liter, 4.6 liter or 7 liter v8 engines. The car is preferably low with a height of 40 inches and it therefore has a good stability. The well perforated seats provided an effective ventilation to the driver. This is because the inside of the car seats receives sufficient flow of fresh air from the high pressure area located in the front part of the car.


If you are looking for a classical car with excellent racing history, then the GT40 is the car that you need. The car has won notable races leaving an impeccable records in the history of racing. In May 1964, it won a 1000 kilometer race in Nurburgring. Since the car was designed for long distance races, it can therefore survive in a rough road drive. It’s top speed makes the car more efficient in it’s functions and is the most recomended classical race car. 1964 was a glorious year for Ford company because it launched spectacular automotive like the 1964 Ford Mustang that had a wonderful acceptance in the automotive market.

1970 Dodge Challenger

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emaxlead-300x199Among all the muscle cars that have been produced, the 1970 Dodge Challenger has ever been one of the most popular brands. The Dodge brand is a section of the automotive manufacturing company Chrysler. The success of Dodge carries on many years after the initial Dodge vehicles hit the world.

The life of Dodge challenger started during 1970. That is when 1970 Dodge Challenger was produced. Some of the fine details of the dodge challenger that were quite clear when clients began using this brand was that the dodge had strong wheelbase and was comparatively luxurious as contrasted to the other rival autos. It was a vehicle that every driver wanted to have as they considered it as a luxurious muscle car of the new era. It had a well refined and had a luxury themed interior which truly out-witted both the Chevy and Ford’s models.

Some hardtop models, Challenger V8 and Challenger Six models, were made as one body style and were provided on the Trans Am (T/A). One trim package was provided as a convertible. This was the Road and Track or the R/T edition. Only one engine was offered on base models. This was the 3.7 liter 6 cylinder having 225 cubic inches. Other types may have a 318 cubic inch, 5.2 liter V8, , and up to 230 horsepower and a 6.3 liter V8 with 383 cu. in. having up to 290 horsepower. Many drivers buying a premium Challenger most often opt for the one of the V8 engines over the others.

Similar 1970 Dodge Challenger models were either as fast or faster when compared with Chevy Camaro’s and the Ford’s Mustang. This was due to the fact that the manufacturer made each comparable model with a slightly larger engine than any of the competitors. Moreover, the standard equipment really made these vehicles almost close when contrasted to higher end models like the Pontiac Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar.

You may also be interested in 1969 Dodge Charger which is another top model.

1969 Dodge Charger

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1969dodgecharger1-300x180This classic sedan was first launched in 1966 and it made a tremendous big bang to the market. The 1969 Charger is a cool streamlined coronet having a magnificent interior and galore of power. This particular model came with slight modifications from the previous models especially the exterior changes were more pronounced.

Unlike the previous year Dodge Charger, this charger had an additional divided grille which had a center divider and brand new longitudinal taillights, though it had the same body. What of the type of the engine? The base Dodge Chargers had the 318-cid v-8 and the 225-cid slant 6 as their standard engines while the charger R/T had 440-cid engine. Because of the power of its engine, this car can traverse any kind of road.

The 1969 Chargers Special Edition were versatile and you could get them for either luxury or/and sport since it was a mix of the two. They were mainly featured by the vinyl bucket and leather seats, the chrome rocker moldings, the deep dish wheel covers, and the popular simulated wood-grain steering. Their turn signal indicators were hood-mounted and their instrument panel was wood-grain simulated. The Dodge Charger 500 differed in terms of the grille type, headlight types and its rear window being mounted on a flush for streamlining. For this unlike other models of the same class, this one could accelerate with ease just like the modern sedans.

With this model, the bumble stripes were reintroduced but its design and details were slightly changed. In lieu of the 4 usual stripes, there was a huge one stripe superimposed by two other smaller ones. An R/T cut out was placed in the midst of the stripes. Moreover, among the option list was the sun proof which was another milestone in these models. This stripe pimping is classy making the 1969 Dodge Chargers relevant up-to date.

The quality of this 1969 Charger model is unprecedented and in fact, there were modifications again to this model. The result was the 1970 Dodge Challenger. Just from its name, it indicates its power besides it coming with new luxury levels. Basically, choosing this sedan among other classic vehicles is the best decision you can make.